Steven Olimpio  is an inter-disciplinary art director and designer in San Francisco. He is currently Associate Creative Director at The New Company.



Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I'm Steven. I’m a designer. My work is centered in brand design and creative direction alongside clients and teams both big and small. If you want to talk about graphic design or perhaps something more interesting, please don’t hesitate to hit me up.

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The New Company
Assoc. Creative Director

Stink Studios
Design Director


Slanted 35: LA

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 Stink Studios 

→ Visual Identity

Info  Stink Studios began as Stink Digital in late 2008, with five team members sitting around a small table in a London basement. Today, Stink Studios is a global creative company with 150+ staff across four continents. At the turn of their tenth anniversary, we started the work that became an entirely new version of their brand. The resulting work includes a new visual identity and website, a custom typeface, new templates and tools, and company values designed to guide our next decade of creativity. 

Made at Stink Studios. Role: Design Director. Sean Quinn, EP; Ben Priddy, TD; custom type by Erkin Karamemet and Gregor Maria Sahl.

[1]  New studio website.
[2]  Wordmark and Stink Dings typeface. with erkin karamemet.
[3]  Stink Dings tape & animations.

[4]   Stink Dings stickers.
A[5]  Stink Dings character details.
[6]  Brand values and icon. read on


→ League Rebrand

Info   LCS was founded eight years ago as the highest level of competition for League of Legends in North America. Since then, it grew into the third-most watched sports league on the continent, with a storied history and heritage of its own. For its first major rebrand since launch, LCS expresses the passion and personality of its players and fans alike. The new brand imprint unites references to the game’s Summoner's Rift map, the league’s trophy, a fingerprint, a flame, and of course the letters LCS. From this mark comes a graphic system that reflects the many sides of this multidimensional league. Research, brand strategy, brand identity, broadcast design and motion, tone of voice, content strategy, and a launch film introduce the new LCS to the world.

Made at Stink Studios. Role: Design Director. Zane Miller, C.D.; Yuriko Zubia, Sr. A.D, Motion; Ana Realmuto, Designer; Capacity Studios, Addt’l Identity / Broadcast; Troika, Broadcast; Hey Beautiful Jerk, Addt’l Motion Design, Launch Film. Additional documentation ︎︎︎

[1]  Brand design & launch snapshot.

[2]  Typography. klub by pané-farré ︎︎︎

[3]  On set, launch film. view film ︎︎︎

[4]  Logo construction, 2D/3D.

[5]  Visual identity & messaging.

 Beats by Dre 

→ Camo Collection

Info   Art direction, custom typography, motion graphics, and launch films for the new Studio³ Camo Collection, featuring James Harden and A$AP Ferg. 

Photography by Dan Hall / Where It’s Greater. Made at Stink Studios. Role: Sr. Art Director, Design Lead. Yego Moravia, E.C.D.; Albert Ignacio, C.D.; Sara Haas, Motion; Omid Fatemi, E.P.; Jessica Law, Producer.

[1]  Datamoshed motion capture. output for launch film.
[2]  Typography. lockup, elements, animations.

[3]   Key visuals. art direction, design, typography, production.


 L.A. Galaxy 

→ Campaign, In-Stadium Graphics, Brand Book

Info   The L.A. Galaxy is one of the oldest teams in American professional soccer, and the winningest in all competitions. Since ‘96 stamps this legacy of sport and place as a lasting creative platform for this iconic team.

Made at Stink Studios. Role: Art Director, Design Lead. Yego Moravia, C.D; Tim Blount A.C.D., Copy; Emil Karlsson, Motion; John Mendoza, Executive Producer.

[1]  In-stadium graphics: typographic animations for hero diplay. shown: (c) j. dos santos

[2]  Brand book. 132 pp / hardcover.  brand story, key assets, templates, and usage guidelines.

[3]  Typography specimen for campaign typeface, Futura Passata  font by alfatype

[4] Brand book. 132 pp / hardcover.  brand story, key assets, templates, and usage guidelines.

[5]  Out of home: 130+ locations across Los Angeles County.  above: james m. wood st. at vermont ave.

[6]  In-stadium graphics: sideline perimeter boards.

[7]  Out of home. beverly blvd. at virgil ave.