Into Action 

→ Festival partnership

Info  Into Action is a celebration of cultural resistance and community power through art and activism. To support the festival, we assembled artwork, programming and resources into a free download, social posts, and posters wheatpasted throughout Los Angeles, including along the route of the Women’s March.

Made at Stink Studios. Role: Art Director, Design Lead. Yego Moravia, C.D.; Tim Blount, A.C.D.; Sean Quinn, Producer.

[1]   Wheatpasted posters, multiple locations. above: skylight books, los feliz, c.a.
[2]  Typographic calls to action for social, digital, and event

[3]  Posters (3/12) featuring artwork, resources, and calls to action. double-sided, pms plus cmyk, run of ten thousand

[4]  Festival partnership typography and color palette
[5]  Social animations. Artworks, resources, announcements. (at)intoactionus, (at)wetransfer