Stink Studios 

→ Visual Identity

Info  Stink Studios began as Stink Digital in late 2008, with five team members sitting around a small table in a London basement. Today, Stink Studios is a global creative company with 150+ staff across four continents. At the turn of their tenth anniversary, we started the work that became an entirely new version of their brand. The resulting work includes a new visual identity and website, a custom typeface, new templates and tools, and company values designed to guide our next decade of creativity. 

Made at Stink Studios. Role: Design Director. Sean Quinn, EP; Ben Priddy, TD; custom type by Erkin Karamemet and Gregor Maria Sahl.

[1]  New studio website.
[2]  Wordmark and Stink Dings typeface. with erkin karamemet.
[3]  Stink Dings tape & animations.

[4]   Stink Dings stickers.
A[5]  Stink Dings character details.
[6]  Brand values and icon. read on