The Beacon 

→ Branding, Signage, Website

Info   The Beacon is: A phantom nation without borders. A passport out of the DMZ of the multiplex into autonomous zones and pirate waters. A new movie theater in Columbia City, Washington. A place for cinema, screenings, events, conversations, books, and people.

Made with Yego Moravia, Casey Moore, and Tommy Swenson.

[1]  Wordmark, icon, typography and color. 

[2]  Website design. Current programs, tickets and more.
[3]  Hero animation / film leader.

[4]  Storefront. rainier ave s, seattle

[5]  Tote and poster. Tote art by Cevallos Bros.

[6]  Social media. Illustration by Stevie Shao. (at)thebeaconsea

[7]  Manifesto.